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Barbie Games

Barbie Games

Queen Barbie Queen Barbie

This Barbie is a queen, there is a party at her castle, please help Queen Barbie choose the clothes.
Pretty Barbie Pretty Barbie

She is pretty, but she will become more attractive if you make up her the right way and choose her the best outfit.
Happy Barbie Happy Barbie

She is always happy, everyone love her. She has many clothes, some are pretty and some are strange.
Barbie Loves Natural Barbie Loves Natural

Barbie loves natural very much, she loves to go out alone at some place that you can see in the game.
Fairy Barbie Fairy Barbie

Dress up barbie with colorful wings, beautiful accessories and many other fun things.
Barbie Dress up Barbie Dress up

A beautiful Barbie is preparing for a short trips with her family, these are what she has prepared.
Barbie Makeup Barbie Makeup

She has a lipstick on her hand and she wonder which color to choose. Help this barbie makeup.
Barbie's Wedding Barbie's Wedding

Barbie and her dream mate is preparing for their wedding, but they can't choose the best wedding dresses that fit. Please help them.
Optimistic Barbie Optimistic Barbie

She always has a smile on her face, she has many beautiful hairstyles and clothes as well.
Barbie Join Party Barbie Join Party

Barbie is preparing for the evening party, please help her choose what to wear tonight.
Barbie's Boyfriend Barbie's Boyfriend

A dream couple, beautiful Barbie and handsome boy. Help them choose the best outfits to go out for a picnic!
Fairytale Barbie Fairytale Barbie

You can call her magic Barbie, let's play to see a magic Barbie.
Lovely Barbie Lovely Barbie

This is a very beautiful Barbie, she comes with many clothes, a very awesome Barbie game.
Chic Barbie Chic Barbie

This Barbie is cute and sweet, she loves classical fashion!
Love Calculator Love Calculator

Barbie Bratz Love Calculator game, submit your name and your friend's name and see how much love do you have.
Barbie Bratz Barbie Bratz

Dress up four Bratz Barbie dolls in a single game. This is a very fun girls game.

Girls Games

Dream Like House Dream Like House

How do you imagine your future house? The Barbie in this game has just bought a house and need someone to decor it. Can you give her a hand?
Pet Dress Up Pet Dress Up

Lovely pets with lovely clothes. Do you have a pet? Do you ware cloth for him/her?
Anime Dress Up Anime Dress Up

Dress up Anime girl, Anime girls are always pretty and lovely.
Scooby Doo Adventure4 Scooby Doo Adventure4

The episode 4 of Scooby Doo flash games. The Temple of Lost Souls
Scooby Doo Adventure3 Scooby Doo Adventure3

The episode 3 of Scooby Doo flash games. Terror in Tikal.
Scooby Doo Adventure2 Scooby Doo Adventure2

The episode 2 of Scooby Doo flash games. Creepy Cave - Cave In
Scooby Doo Adventure1 Scooby Doo Adventure1

The first version of Scooby Doo flash games. River Rapids Rampage
Hair Games Hair Games

You can freely make any new hairstyles in this hair game.
Anna Dress Up Anna Dress Up

Her name is Anna, she loves fashion, she has many clothes, let's have a look.
Hamburger Store Hamburger Store

Use Left and Right arrows to control and Space Bar to perform an action. The mission is to make as many hamburgers as you can.
Kiss off Kiss off

Try to avoid all the smokers and find a cute boy or girl to kiss. How awesome if you mistake to kiss a smoker!
Kiss Catcher Kiss Catcher

A small funny game about the kisses of lovers.
Baby Sister Baby Sister

Have you ever imagine about the works of a baby sister? Play this game to know more about that job.
Running Jerry Running Jerry

Tom is chasing Jerry, you have to control Jerry. Run fast and eat fast.
Pizza Passion Pizza Passion

A fun story about a girl and a chef. Let's play game and enjoy a love story.

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